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Supplier for Print Gear for Print

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1 - Your trusted source for printing equipment and supplies
Welcome at - the premier provider of high-quality printing equipment and consumable materials for printing professionals. We provide the best solutions for your enterprise, supplying you with all the essentials to achieve outstanding results.

Our offerings uv ink:
DTF printers and printing inks
Our DTF printers (Direct-to-Film technology) represent innovative technology, perfectly suited for creating high-quality printed images on a variety of textile materials. When used with our DTF inks, you will achieve bright, lasting, and detailed prints that will meet the needs of the most demanding clients.
UV printers and printing inks
We offer cutting-edge UV printers that provide top-quality printing on various surfaces, like glass, plastic, metal, and wood. Our UV inks guarantee quick drying and high durability, making them the optimal choice for industrial and commercial uses.
Print heads
To ensure stable and high-quality printing, we offer a wide range of printheads from top manufacturers. Our printheads guarantee precise and even ink distribution, which is essential to getting superior quality under any conditions.
Geography of supply
We take pride in serving customers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Our team of experts is prepared to provide you with high-quality equipment and materials, and to guarantee quick delivery and support throughout the entire partnership.
Why opt for
Wide range: Here, you will find everything you need for printing - from printers and inks to printheads.
Quality and dependability: We supply only proven equipment and materials from leading world manufacturers.
Tailored approach: We take into account all client requests and needs, providing the best solutions for each one.
Customer support and service: Our team is always prepared to support you in choosing, installing, and servicing the equipment. - your dependable partner in the field of printing. With us, your business will consistently outpace the competition!


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